1571 rue Saint-André
Montréal (Québec)
H2L 3T5

Tél.:  514.524.2002

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I take a small animal along ?

    Yes you can bring small domestic animal as long as there clean and not noisy. You have to be ready to clean after them if necessary and you are responsible for any damage your animal could cause to the b&b. And will charge you an extra 10$ for extra clean-up.

  • Do you have a safe on the premises ?

    No, risk of steal are small.

  • Do you have a safe?

    No, there is little risk of theft.

  • Do you have air conditionned in the rooms ?


  • How to get to Le Simone from Toronto ?

    To get to Gîte Le Simone b&b try www.maps.google.com From Toronto you are arriving on 401 (Ontario) 20 (Québec) Keep going on 20 est (east) Centre-ville (Downtown) From Ottawa you are arriving on 417 (Ontario) 40 (Québec) Arriving near the island of Montreal switch for the 20 Centre-ville You will enter the island by the Galipeau bridge Keep rolling for about 20 kms Then switch to autoroute 720 Centre-Ville When you get closer to the skyscrapers the highway goes underground. Go thru the tunnel (about 2 kms.) Keep slow lane (3rd lane) The first exit off the tunnel is St-Laurent/Berri, take it. Be carefull you will have to cross two merging lanes On that exit keep right for the Berri side. you are now on Saint-Antoine in the old Montreal. The first traffic light is Saint-Denis, There is a statue of a Patriote on Saint-Denis 50 meter north (your left) The second traffic light is Berri, take it to your left. You have to drive on Berri to the fifth traffic light: first is Viger second is René-Levesque third is Sainte-Catherine fourth is deMaisonneuve and fifth, further up, is Ontario street, take it to your right. You getting very close, on Ontario street go pass the first traffic light: Saint-Hubert, the second is Saint-Andre, take it to your right, go down for about 300 meters and Le Simone is there at 1571 on your left. Here you are. You find a map and tourist info at: http://www.pagemontreal.qc.ca/meg/quartierlatin/quartierlatin.html it do not show the exit from highway 720 but consider you arrive at Saint-Antoine and Saint-Denis once you exit the highway you can also get accurate directions from www.mapquest.com

  • Is it possible to do some shopping around without getting wet?

    The underground city start 100 meters from the b&b, there a small shopping mall serve as an apetizer. With the subway line you reach McGill station the heart of shopping district: half dozen malls, large departments stores. Count more than 1500 shops and restaurants to certainly satisfy you.

  • Is there parking?

    Yes in the street, there is parking in front of parkingmeter (3$ per hour, 9am to 9pm monday to saturday, and from 1h30pm to 6pm on sunday). A second zone, west side of the street in front of 1566 to 1624 for about 12 car is free and you can park all the time except monday and thursday between 12h30pm and 1h30pm. There is also a pay parking under the Grande Bibliothèque on Berri street, about 250 meters and it is 12$ for 24 hours. Beware reserved space for resident, zone 15, in less then 30 minutes you will get a 52$ parking ticket. There is also a reserved unloading zone in front of the b&b (between 3 and 10pm) but still keep an eye on the car to avoid ticket.

  • What is the cost of a taxi and bus shuttle from the airport to le Simone B&B ?

    From Montreal's Trudeau airport, the taxi costs $40 flat and takes about 20 minutes to reach this establishment. There is also a bus shuttle ($8) that leave the airport every 12 minutes (buy your ticket at automatic teller) and takes 45 minutes to reach bus terminal Gare d'Autocar de Montreal) , the last stop, the terminal is  200 meters (or yards) from this establishment.

  • What is the temperature at the end of September in Montreal?

    The temperature at the end of September is about 15 degrees celsius during the day and around 8 at night.

  • Where can you find a good Italian restaurant close to Berri-UQAM metro?

    Close to Berri-UQAM there DaGiovanni on Sainte-Catherine facing the square. On Saint-Denis there is Pizzedelic, le Sila and Paesano among others. In the village Piazetta, la Starga and Diavolo. And the top is not to far west on René-Levesque at Jeanne-Mance le Latini, Schumaher and Pavarotti's favorite.

  • Would it be possible to eat the continental breakfast before 08:00?

    Of course, just tell us what time you will get up, and will make sure the coffee machine will have coffee ready and all the breakfast elements are available. You just have to serve yourselves and be carefull not to disturbed the other guest sleep.

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